Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sketches With A Punch (Ruffmouse.com - the book)



pencilbug7 said...

Hello, I love your work!! I am a sci fi nut and I love robots. It was really fun to see. Is it all computer work or do you use other media? I am a colored pencil artist in Colorado. Haven't had allot of time to draw these last years. Thanks for sharing!

pencilbug7 said...

Hope this all gets to you ok!

LaRuffmouse said...

Hi pencilbug7, thanks for checking out my blog. I 2 am a scifi nut. I was a painter for many years, now most of my work is digital, I just started painting and using mixed media that I scan and use as backgrounds for my digital illustrations. My book of work will be out in a few months and should be available from LuLu.com